- Litter "B" -

Born: 1.6.2015

Irby x Ximmi

Egoiste Du Bois De La Rayere

Import from France

Champion of Czech republic
Expectant German Champion

2x CAJC, 2x r.CAC, 3x CACIB, 2x BOB, 3x Anw.Dt.Ch(VDH), 2x Anw.Dt.Ch(CLUB), Winner of Mladá Boleslav, 4x regional winner

HD A, ED 0/0, PRA/CACT - neg., PRA/prcd - neg.

KPZ Derby, KCHLS PZ - Res.CACT, KSZVP - I.price


Ximmi Goldenpack Marty

Excellent 2
Excellent 4

ED 0/0




Daddy photo:

Weight of puppies
  Puppy birth weight day 1
day 3 day 7 day 13 day 17 3 weeks
4 weeks
5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks
1. Betty
360g 390g 470g 620g 980g 1140g 1660g 2570g 3600g 4100g 4600g
2. Bucky
460g 480g 550g 740g 1020g 1260g 1810g 2550g 3400g 3900g 5200g
3. Beauty Sherry
350g 360g 420g 580g 780g 990g 1510g 2400g 3100g 3700g 4500g
4. Baxter 430g 460g 550g 710g 1070g 1300g 1820g 2720g 3700g 4000g 5600g
5. Bailey
355g 370g 420g 570g 850g 1040g 1410g 2100g 2800g 3400g 4300g
6. Barney 350g 360g 420g 560g 850g 1110g 1400g 2200g 2900g 3200g 4300g
7. Baddy
400g 410g 420g 540g 720g 930g 1450g 2200g 2900g 3400g 4100g
8. Benjamin
360g 380g 440g 570g 740g 960g 1420g 2170g 3000g 3300g 5000g
9. Bengi
450g 470g 560g 740g 1150g 1260g 1730g 2520g 3300g 3800g 4600g


Profiles of our puppies

1. Green female

Betty White Coffee

Born: 1.6.2015; 15.55
Birth weight: 360g
Sex: female

In new home

betty_vanoce.jpg betty.jpg zelena_fena_odber2.jpg zelena_fena_7_tyden 5.JPG zelena_fena_7_tyden 4.JPG zelena_fena_7_tyden 3.JPG zelena_fena_7_tyden 2.JPG zelena_fena_7_tyden 1.JPG zelena_fenka_13_7 4.jpg zelena_fenka_13_7 3.jpg zelena_fenka_13_7 2.jpg zelena_fenka_13_7 1.jpg zelena_fena_7_7 3.JPG zelena_fena_7_7 2.JPG zelena_fena_7_7 1.JPG zelena_fenka_28_6 5.JPG zelena_fenka_28_6 4.JPG zelena_fenka_28_6 3.JPG zelena_fenka_28_6 2.JPG zelena_fenka_28_6 1.JPG zelena_fenecka 1.jpg zelena_fenecka 2.jpg zelena_fenka_13_6 1.jpg zelena_fenka_13_6 2.jpg


2. White male

Bucky White Coffee

Born: 1.6.2015; 16.30
Birth weight: 480g
Sex: male

In new home

bucky_white_coffe_cerven2016.JPG bucky_rijen.JPG bucky_rijen2.JPG bucky3.JPG bucky.JPG bucky2.JPG bily_pes_7_tyden 1.JPG bily_pes_7_tyden 2.JPG bily_pes_7_tyden 3.JPG bily_pes_7_tyden 4.JPG bily_pes_7_tyden 5.JPG bily_pes_7_tyden 6.JPG bily_pes_13_7 4.jpg bily_pes_13_7 3.jpg bily_pes_13_7 2.jpg bily_pes_13_7 1.jpg bily_pes_7_7.JPG bily_pes_28_6 3.JPG bily_pes_28_6 2.JPG bily_pes_28_6 1.JPG bily_pejsek.jpg bily_pes_13_6.jpg


3. Yellow female

Beauty Sherry White Coffee

Born: 1.6.2015; 17.35
Birth weight: 360g
Sex: female

In new home

beauty_sherry_white_coffee_cerven2016_2.JPG beauty_sherry_white_coffee_cerven2016_3.JPG beauty_sherry_white_coffee_cerven2016.JPG beauty_sherry.jpg zluta_fena_odber2.jpg zluta_fena_7_tyden 5.JPG zluta_fena_7_tyden 4.JPG zluta_fena_7_tyden 6.JPG zluta_fena_7_tyden 3.JPG zluta_fena_7_tyden 2.JPG zluta_fena_7_tyden 1.JPG zluta_fenka_13_7 4.jpg zluta_fenka_13_7 3.jpg zluta_fenka_13_7 2.jpg zluta_fenka_13_7 1.jpg zluta_fena_7_7 3.JPG zluta_fena_7_7 2.JPG zluta_fena_7_7 1.JPG zluta_fenka_28_6 2.JPG zluta_fenka_28_6 1.JPG zluta_fenecka 1.jpg zluta_fenecka 2.jpg zluta_fena_13_6 1.jpg zluta_fena_13_6 2.jpg


4. Blue male

Baxter White Coffee

Born: 1.6.2015; 18.05
Birth weight: 460g
Sex: male

In new home

baxter_leden_2016.jpg baxter.jpg modry_pes_7_tyden 5.JPG modry_pes_7_tyden 4.JPG modry_pes_7_tyden 3.JPG modry_pes_7_tyden 2.JPG modry_pes_7_tyden 1.JPG modry_pes_13_7 5.jpg modry_pes_13_7 4.jpg modry_pes_13_7 3.jpg modry_pes_13_7 2.jpg modry_pes_7_7 2.JPG modry_pes_7_7 3.JPG modry_pes_7_7 1.JPG modry_pes_28_6 4.JPG modry_pes_28_6 3.JPG modry_pes_28_6 2.JPG modry_pes_28_6 1.JPG modry_pejsek 1.jpg modry_pejsek 2.jpg modry_pes_13_6 1.jpg modry_pes_13_6 2.jpg


5. Red female

Bailey White Coffee

Born: 1.6.2015; 19.40
Birth weight: 400g
Sex: female

In new home

bailey.jpg cervena_fena_odber2.jpg cervena_fena_7_tyden 4.JPG cervena_fena_7_tyden 3.JPG cervena_fena_7_tyden 2.JPG cervena_fena_7_tyden 1.JPG cervena_fenka_13_7 4.jpg cervena_fenka_13_7 3.jpg cervena_fenka_13_7 2.jpg cervena_fenka_13_7 1.jpg cervena_fena_7_7 4.JPG cervena_fena_7_7 3.JPG cervena_fena_7_7 2.JPG cervena_fena_7_7 1.JPG cervena_fenka_28_6 4.JPG cervena_fenka_28_6 3.JPG cervena_fenka_28_6 2.JPG cervena_fenka_28_6 1.JPG cervena_fenecka.jpg cervena_fena_13_6 1.jpg cervena_fena_13_6 2.jpg


6. Yellow male

Barney White Coffee

Born: 2.6.2015; 1.30
Birth weight: 360g
Sex: male

In new home

barny_IMG_5287.jpg barney2.jpg barney.jpg zluty_pes_odber2.jpg zluty_pes_7_tyden 1.JPG zluty_pes_7_tyden 5.JPG zluty_pes_7_tyden 4.JPG zluty_pes_7_tyden 3.JPG zluty_pes_7_tyden 2.JPG zluty_pes_13_7 4.jpg zluty_pes_13_7 3.jpg zluty_pes_13_7 2.jpg zluty_pes_13_7 1.jpg zluty_pes_7_7 5.JPG zluty_pes_7_7 4.JPG zluty_pes_7_7 3.JPG zluty_pes_7_7 2.JPG zluty_pes_7_7 1.JPG zluty_pes_28_6 4.JPG zluty_pes_28_6 3.JPG zluty_pes_28_6 2.JPG zluty_pes_28_6 1.JPG zluty_pejsek 1.jpg zluty_pejsek 2.jpg zluty_pes_13_6.jpg


7. Green male

Baddy White Coffee

Born: 2.6.2015; 3.20
Birth weight: 400g
Sex: male

In new home

baddy_leden2016.jpg baddy_prosinec15.jpg baddy6.jpg baddy5.jpg baddy4.jpg baddy3.jpg baddy.jpg baddy2.JPG baddy.JPG zeleny_pes_odber2.jpg zeleny_pes_7_tyden 2.JPG zeleny_pes_7_tyden 3.JPG zeleny_pes_7_tyden 1.JPG zeleny_pes_7_tyden 4.JPG zeleny_pes_7_tyden 5.JPG zeleny_pes_13_7 4.jpg zeleny_pes_13_7 3.jpg zeleny_pes_13_7 2.jpg zeleny_pes_13_7 1.jpg zeleny_pes_7_7 6.JPG zeleny_pes_7_7 5.JPG zeleny_pes_7_7 4.JPG zeleny_pes_7_7 1.JPG zeleny_pes_28_6 3.JPG zeleny_pes_28_6 2.JPG zeleny_pes_28_6 1.JPG zeleny_pejsek 1.jpg zeleny_pejsek 2.jpg zeleny_pes_13_6.jpg


8. Red male

Benjamin White Coffee

Born: 2.6.2015; 5.05
Birth weight: 380g
Sex: male

In new home

benjamin3.jpg benjamin2.jpg benjamin.jpg benjamin_orez.jpg cerveny_pes_odber2.jpg cerveny_pes_7_tyden 3.JPG cerveny_pes_7_tyden 2.JPG cerveny_pes_7_tyden 1.JPG cerveny_pejsek_13_7 1.JPG cerveny_pejsek_13_7 3.JPG cerveny_pejsek_13_7 4.JPG cerveny_pejsek_13_7 2.JPG cerveny_pes_7_7 5.JPG cerveny_pes_7_7 4.JPG cerveny_pes_7_7 3.JPG cerveny_pes_7_7 2.JPG cerveny_pes_7_7 1.JPG cerveny_pes_28_6 3.JPG cerveny_pes_28_6 2.JPG cerveny_pes_28_6 1.JPG cerveny_pejsek 1.jpg cerveny_pejsek 2.jpg cerveny_pes_13_6 1.jpg cerveny_pes_13_6 2.jpg


9. Blue female

Bengi White Coffee

Born: 2.6.2015; 5.40
Birth weight: 470g
Sex: female

In new home

modra_fena_odber2.jpg modra_fena_7_tyden 3.JPG modra_fena_7_tyden 2.JPG modra_fena_7_tyden 1.JPG modra_fena_7_tyden 4.JPG modra_fenka_13_7 8.jpg modra_fenka_13_7 7.jpg modra_fenka_13_7 6.jpg modra_fenka_13_7 1.jpg modra_fena_7_7 4.JPG modra_fena_7_7 3.JPG modra_fena_7_7 2.JPG modra_fena_7_7 1.JPG modra_fenka_28_6 2.JPG modra_fenka_28_6 1.JPG modra_fenecka 1.jpg modra_fenecka 2.jpg modra_fena_13_6 1.jpg modra_fena_13_6 2.jpg


Puppies from our kennel grow up in a family home environment with all the love and care of the family. They leave for a new home fully socialised no earlier than 8 weeks old.

All puppies will be wormed, inoculated and chipped on more than one occasion. Before leaving for a new home they will be examined by the vet. The vet will check their hearts, bellies (for hernias), for males examine the testicles and will check all puppies‘ teeth, (bite).

For the journey to their new home all puppies will have:

  • A contract of purchase
  • Certificate of origin FCI
  • Certificate of inoculation, (Europass)
  • CD with photos of puppies
  • Quality food, with which the puppies will have been fed before
  • Toys and a blanket with the mother’s and siblings‘ scent
  • breeding service and permanent contact with the breeder is guaranteed

Our priority is that the puppies find an owner who provides them with not only love and understanding, but also an active lifestyle full of joy and new acquaintances and that the puppy becomes a true member of the family...