Champion of Czech republick

Juniorchampion of Czech republic

Expectant of interchampion

- JCh CZ & Ch CZ Iennica Diamond in the Heart -


9x Excellent, 3x CAJC, 2x CAC, 1x CACIB, 1x Res.CACIB, 1x BOJ, 1x BOS

(12 months)

(24 months - 2 years)


A dominant, hyperactive young female, very friendly towards people and empathetic towards her family.

Her intelligence is above average and she has an all-round ability for any kind of work or learning.

Her abilities to learn anything are outstanding.


Hunting skills:

Dženika is immensely talented when it comes to hunting work, as she demonstrated during three weeks of professional training taught by Mr. Luňák, rounded off at the Autumn Club Trials with 1st prize and the title res. CACT.

Her appetite for hunting work is unprecedented and has surprised many professional hunting trainers.



Here is a sample of what individual judges have written and said about her in official assessments:

Judge Linda Voláriková: "A female of an excellent type even in build, excellently shaped head, correct neck, excellent angulation on both side, excellent chest and fore-chest, correct topline, excellent gait, outstanding silhouette in both stack and gait."

Judge Miloš Kašpar: "Strong skeleton, correct frame, outstanding head, straight back, correct movement, good coat structure."

Judge Ing. Matyáš Jaroslav: "Female of a good type, solid build with well-shaped head, correct body structure."

Judge Ingrid Grill (A): "Excellent female, correct bite, harmonious build, excellent coat, correct gait."



BORN: 17.01.2014

HEALTH: HD: A/A, ED: 0/0


Club autumn test RK Štěpánov - 17.11.2015 - I. prize, Res.CACT




Regional dog show Lanškroun 8.6.2014: Very promising 1 (VP1)

National dog show Brno 25.10.2014: Excellent (Ex)

European dog show Brno 26.10.2014: Excellent (Ex)

National dog show Brno 3.1.2015: Excellent 1, CAJC

Interational dog show DUO CACIB Brno 7.2.2015: Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ

Interational dog show DUO CACIB Brno 8.2.2015: Excellent 1, CAJC

International dog show INTERCANIS Brno 27.6.2015: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Retriever Club Show Horka nad Moravou 26.7.2015: Excellent 1, CAC

National dog show Brno 9.1.2016, Excellent 3

Interational dog show DUO CACIB Brno 6.2.2016, Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB

Interational dog show DUO CACIB Brno 7.2.2016, Excellent 3



Evidog Jennifer

(Shardanell Showstropper & Excellent Magic)


2x CAC, 2x R. CAC



OVVR 1.c., JSMP 2.c.



HD-A, ED-0,

PRA/Cat./CEA/RD - neg., PPM/PHTVL/PHPV - neg.,

PRA_1 clear & PRA_2 clear


ICh. Multi Ch. Evidog Kasino

(Highlander Of Bridge Four & Ch. Angua of Anavy)


International Champion, Champion of Slovakia & Serbia, Grand Champion of Slovakia & Serbia



International working diploma



HD-A, ED-0,

PRA/Cat./CEA/RD - neg., PPM/PHTVL/PHPV - neg.,

PRA_1 clear & PRA_2 clear


The hometown Album:

My mom Jennifer Evidog with me and my siblings.


On the video are my siblings and me, Iennica Diamond in the Heart, yet Miss Pink ribbon ... :-)



Dženika 7 months